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Turkish Mortgages: For Foreign Buyers of Property in Turkey

Turkey, Kalkan Property Mortgage 


Turkish Mortgage Processing Steps 


Turkish Mortgage Process   


We promise to make the financial side of your home buying as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We will answer any questions you have and we can take you through the process of buying your home, step by step. We can also give you free advice on the costs and the legal matters involved.


Understanding Turkish mortgages application process.


• Agreement in principle: This sets out what the provider will probably be willing to lend you based on certain terms and conditions. This can be helpful when you have chosen your mortgage and are ready to make an offer on a property. You don’t need to provide any documentation at this stage.


• Full Mortgage Application: When you've decided to buy a property, you make a full mortgage application by completing and returning our application form. They'll also want to see evidence of your income, your identity, your current address. Most lenders also run a credit checks.


• Property valuation : The lender will have the property valued to make sure it's worth the price you've agreed to pay and all legal requirements are in place.. If it's not, it could affect how much they'll lend you. We can help you to arrange a pre-valuation of the property using an independent surveyor in Turkey.


• The mortgage offer: If the lender is happy with the valuation and references, you'll be made a formal offer - usually sent to you. Once you have signed and returned the offer documents, your lender is committed to providing the money. Some of the Turkish lenders will ask you to sign the mortgage offer at one of their local bank branches in Turkey.


• Title transfers and completion: If you're buying, once you've got a formal mortgage offer, your solicitor can arrange a date for the title transfers. Please note According to Turkish law, you will be required to apply for a military permission in Turkey. You will not able to complete the purchase before the military permission result. (Military permission must be applied for both applicants if it is a joint mortgage application)


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How to get mortgage in kalkan?

you can get many of the mortgage from the bank. yet, people's preferred bank is usually denizbank in kalkan .

but u can use is bank, yapi kredi ,akbank , garanti bank.