kalkan villa owners

why with us?

1.- Due to your home being a valuable asset and as such, its of interest to you that

 your home is managed by a legally constituted company which operates in compliance withcurrent legislation, which is a solid guarantee against problems from clients while providing peace of mind with all legal and fiscal requirements.


2. –Villa Rental kalkan With a company which have their offices, staff and all activity based in Kalkan turkey,

we want you to be confident you are dealing with a people who are personally available in the same place asyour property. We have a profound knowledge of the Kalkan and its particularities and are a backdrop guaranteeing a smoother running of your villa.


3. Villa Rental Kalkan is not a mere booking portal offering villas, receiving commission and ignoring the rest; we are your local partner with a proven commercial capacity, personally meeting each guest, and also offering 24 hour personal attention, in short, your villa will be offered by a powerful and professional touristic company, without you having to devote time and resources to get a good return on your property.


4. Kalkan Property Shop, using it’s leverage with owners to earn extra money, 

we are instead a touristic company,with profound hotel experience, specializing in converting villas into an attractive destination aimed at the demanding market , with all the services and attention as that of a hotel.